Abdul Rauf Kandahari Spena da injilai spena yai gharra da

Spena da injilai spena yai gharra da

The Divine Image
Behind Every Image There Is A Story To Be Spoken
If Images Could Speak It Would Speak Thousand Words
Unfortunately Images Speak The Language Of Silence
So We As Mankind Have To Take Time Patiently
Look Deep In To The Image And Listen
That Would Help Mankind Immensely
Leaving Out Descriptions Lettering Captions
So we as human kind must learn to translate that silence into the immortal language of truth. The divine opening. The spiral in, looking into ourselves finding that humanity shares a simple commen thread.

Special Love Story

The princess had a heart of stone For it had surely lost its home
It could not love or wanted too But In Her Life came Shiekh
The princess has nothing to conceal
The princess did not believe in love but still enjoyed listening to the Shiekh who preached that love was the only ideal potion to cure broken hearts.
princess I've told you all about me I have nothing to conceal.

The princess did not believe in love Shiekh who preached that love
A perfect personification of an angel, the princess was beautiful, kind, truthful, cultured, and very moral through and through.

Her life had been blissful except that one important event had turned it sour which is why she abhorred love.

The Shiekh, on the other hand, had lived a sad life all his life, and was never loved the way he had hoped since his childhood.

Yet while the Sheikh believed in the power of love to cure and preached it so, he was not so sure that one day he will find the one and only one for him.

Haughty attitude of the princess that love actually hurts and Sheikhs pessimism that there was probably no one for him in this world were the only faults in how both of them understood the realities of life.

It was as if Almighty Allah wanted them to find how limited human faculties of perception and understanding were.
In an ironic twist the princess and the sheikh fell in a passionate love with each other
surprising the two beyond their wildest imaginations.
words cannot express The deep passionate love they have for one an other

Just Like The Morning Dew Exotic and beautiful Always

Whispers Of The Night

Listen To The Winds Soft Cry

Whispers Of The Night So Long
Wishing For That Famous Love Song

You Are My Light
When Darkness Falls
You Are My Sight
In My Darkened Halls

Hear The Joy Of An Angel's Glee
When The People Around Her Now See
With Eyes So Clear And Pure
All Now Really Can Be Sure
sheikh was the
Whispers Of The Night ..

Abdul Rauf Kandahari Spena da injilai spena yai gharra da
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